The Start

This is what I needed.

I needed raw, unfiltered, and consistent content from someone that is documenting their journey to becoming a full-time indie-hacker and side-project marketer.

Most of the time people are trying to sell you stuff. They want you to buy their course or download their guide to marketing and sales.

I needed a mentor. A guide. Someone to give permission to do things the wrong way the first time so you can figure it out for next time. Someone who always responds with action instead of passivity.

That’s my aim for The Indie Developer. To be a place where people can come and witness a journey that leads to somewhere and glean insights from it along the way. Want to go to the same place I am headed? Jump on the band-wagon.

I don’t want to make money from you. I want to help guide and teach you how I have gotten to where I am, and the tools and processes I use to get things done. I want to make money from the actual projects I make, and not by teaching people how to make products.

So, what exactly is The Indie Developer? Is it a resource? A blog? A series of rants, failures, and successes? Yes.

The Goal

The goal for me personally (not even affiliated with The Indie Developer) is to work on the products I create full-time, and make a full-time income doing so.

As of this post, I work a day-job as an electrical engineer at a large corporation. It’s fine, but it’s not for me.

Now, I have seen people thinking that making products is about making things that are useful for people that are making products, but I think that is an endless cycle that isn’t very valuable.

I want to make products for non-technical consumers People, just like you and me, that can use software to enhance their everyday lives.

Will I make products for makers? Maybe. But that’s not my end goal. I want to help the maker and hacker community by being a resource, not a product.

What Will I Teach/Talk About?

I can make a list off-hand, but you can expect it to be surrounding:

  • Web Development (Full-stack)
  • SAAS Operation
  • Paid Digital Marketing
  • Sales and Attention Funnels
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding
  • Product Development and Ideas
  • Product Validation
  • Best Practices and Strategies
  • Traffic and Sales Funnels
  • Niche Domination

That seems like a lot, but those are the core topics needed to create a successful product.

The Start

Over time all of this will change. The core goal won’t change but the content and the way it’s presented will change.

This is just the start of my journey. I’m already well into it, but this is the start of me documenting and sharing it.

Thanks for reading.