Jordan O'Connor

Jordan O'Connor

👋 I’m Jordan O’Connor. I like to make websites and products, rank websites, run profitable paid traffic, and write code to automate processes. I am a self-taught digital marketer and growth/funnel hacker. If you had to sum me up - I’m an indiehacker.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. That’s where I learned to code. Technically I can design PCBs and do controls for motor systems, but that isn’t my passion.

I’m passionate about building profitable businesses that do good in the world. I want to be able to make products that serve people’s needs without ripping them off.

I’m also passionate about marketing through side-projects. I believe that providing value up-front is the best way to get eyeballs on any product or service. Building tools and applications can be huge traffic and sales drivers for any business.

Follow along, I’m sure you’ll learn something!