What It Takes

Obsession, priorities, and action.

I’m in a crucial part of my life. I’ve planted seeds, and I’m learning how to cultivate. I’m transitioning from employment to solopreneurship. I’m getting out of debt. I’m progressing forward.

Right now I have a clear vision of what I am supposed to do. The next five years are accounted for. It’s up to me to make sure I protect that vision and see it come to pass.

I’ve talked about my short-term goals before, but this post is more about things that hinder that vision.

The only thing that can hinder that vision is saying yes to things that don’t align with that vision. This can be applicable in any area of your life. Doing things that aren’t in line with your goals will drive you in the opposite direction of where you’re headed.

It could even be things that you enjoy. Things that were part of your old life. Things that made you happy.

You have to audit what will actually make you happy - gratification and fulfillment today, or actually becoming the person you aspire to become.

Saying no is a powerful tool. In fact, defaulting to a ‘no stance’ can be paramount to your success. When someone asks you to make something for them, or spend significant time doing things that don’t push you forward, the answer should be no. Also, its much easier to recant a no than a yes. You can always go back later and say yes.

This is a very nuanced stance, because I am all about helping people and being selfless, but this is more about your default positioning and the clarity of your vision. It’s fine to get a little bit off track, but don’t let it derail you.

So, the future me defaults to no, unless it clearly aligns with and amplifies my vision for myself.