Smaller Goals

The only way to build strong habits.

Last night I actually went to bed on time.

That’s a step forward, because lately I haven’t been getting enough sleep. And not getting enough sleep makes it really hard to do the things you’re supposed to do the next day.

It might seem simple, but it’s the bedrock of productivity. Getting enough sleep is paramount to getting things done.

I struggle a lot with the balance of spending more time working at a less effective rate because of lack of sleep, or spending less time working at a more productive rate because of ample sleep. In my head it doesn’t make sense, but I think it’s because of my poor planning skills.

I’ve talked about planning on here before, so I won’t go into it. If I were able to plan correctly, I would be able to use the smaller amount of time in a smarter way.

But this post is about making smaller goals - not permanently. Just temporarily to get the ball rolling.

I only want to do massive things in life. Not small things. But, in order to get to massive things, you have to start small.

If I want to run a marathon, I have to start by running a small amount today and work towards running more every day.

If I want to have a successful business, I have to make a sale, and then work towards making more sales every day.

If I want to write a million words per year, I have to start by writing a little bit today, and work towards writing 3000 words a day.

Those are big goals, but they aren’t impossible. With time and focused effort anything is achievable. They start small and end up big.