Revisiting 1 Million Words

Or rather, 3k words/day.

This is still a goal of mine. To get to 1 Million words per year. It maps to my level of ambition. I want to be documented. I want to be remembered.

It won’t be remembered if it’s not written down - and if I am not written down, I will not be remembered. Now, certainly I can progress through life and do memorable things, but the details will be lost. The stories will bend. The nuances twisted.

Writing to write isn’t the goal, the goal is to get it out of my head. Our brains are much better at processing things than storing them. It’s hard to remember things, and our brains are inefficient at it. That’s what notes, notebooks, and todo lists are for. We forget.

By writing, I am relieving my brain of it’s remembering duties. It only needs to remember how to get access to those thoughts again. It’s my job to write things in an organized fashion so search can be done simply.

But, there’s another side of writing, which is practice. It’s practice for when I need to have a period of BIS (butt in seat). Show up, do the work, go home. No fluff, you’ve got words to write.

That’s what it’s like to write a book, a helpful guide, or any other resource. BIS.

Becoming a content machine isn’t the goal, either, but it’s part of the plan. Becoming a content machine allows you to amplify whatever you are working on. Build an audience. Have a voice, and allow people to listen to your voice.

There’s so many benefits to writing. Which is why I have dedicated to doing it daily. It’s for the benefit of everyone around me that I write more, because it helps me become my best self.