Planning vs. Reacting.

Consistency is something that I envy. My life seems so volatile from the inside. Every day seems different. Every night seems different. There’s very little thought into what happens, it’s usually a response to what’s around us (reactive).

That, very plainly, isn’t the best way to live. You want to have certain parts of your day/week that are definitively planned. Things that are done not because you want to do them, but because your future self will thank you.

Even a 9-5 job is considered reactive in my definition. If you weren’t getting paid, would you go to work? It’s a reaction to the need of money. Building a business that eventually leads to you living a flexible lifestyle isn’t reactive. That’s definitive and planned.

When I was broke and swimming in debt payments, the first reaction in my brain was to come up with a temporary solution. Get a second job, drive for Uber, work extra hours (though I couldn’t, because I was on a salary). But my gut couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t live with the thought that I was just reacting and not planning.

So, I started planning and building. Months and years later, I now have an asset that is making me money and helping me live more comfortably. I can make money while I sleep, and I can make money while I am making money at my day-job. It’s a sweet gig.

That sweet gig never would have happened without definitively planning and working. If I had just reacted to my situation, I would still be driving for Uber and I would hate my life because I would have no time with my family or friends.

The same could be applied to little things in my life. If I want to exercise more, I can’t be reactive. If I only ever did what I felt like doing, I wouldn’t become the person I want to be. It needs to be planned and implemented.

Let this be a reminder to myself that I should stop and think about what I am doing (or not doing) and how that impacts the person I will be in 5 years.

Make time for the things that will make your future self happy and fulfilled. Build your life, don’t let it just happen to you.