My Workflow (August 2018)

My tech + productivity stack.

I don’t think I’ve ever written about this, and mostly because it doesn’t matter. But, nevertheless, someone might be interested to see what I use to develop my websites and apps.


I keep things simple.

  1. Editor: VS Code - Perfect because it integrates the terminal/command prompt, and it has awesome extensions that make coding much more enjoyable.

  2. Revision Control: Github - I’ve always used Github. It has just worked for me for so many years. I use Github Desktop even though VS Code has Git-sync built into the IDE.

  3. Computer: Acer Chromebook 14 - I have used a Chromebook for several years. I had it configured with Crouton, which allowed me to have a full Linux instance. This is the device I used to build the original Closet Tools. I’ll upgrade eventually, but never despise small beginnings. Constraints help you focus on what matters.

  4. Browser: Firefox Nightly - I don’t really know why I used the nightly version. Nevertheless, that’s what I am using right now. I find it a bit more private than Chrome, and less resource intensive.

Tech Stack

Here’s what I use to make my apps.

  1. JavaScript/jQuery - I use vanilla JS to code all of my apps in the front-end. I use jQuery sometimes, just when it makes my development time faster.

  2. Bootstrap - Bootstrap has been a good friend to me. I love how it’s improved with time, and I find that I can get a pretty decent looking and responsive site up in no time while using it.

  3. Firebase - Firebase has made front-end apps so easy, from authentication to a noSQL database, it has everything you need to hack up an app. It also scales infinitely if you like to pay for stuff. It has a generous enough free plan, which is perfect for me.

  4. Github Pages - This solution has only gotten better with time. I find it to be the easiest way to deploy a static site/app from zero. By nature, I use Jekyll for all of my blog/static page needs.

  5. Cloudflare - SSL is important. Cloudflare makes it super easy to integrate into a Github Pages site. Though Github Pages has recently added SSL for custom domains (which I use for this site), I trust Cloudflare to keep my site/app up and available under heavy loads.


I like to be productive with my time, here’s what I use.

  1. Notion - It’s the best notes/todos/organization/database/calendar tool out there right now, hands down. Try it. You’ll fall in love. Get it for every device you own. I like to keep a “What’s next?” Todo list. It helps me focus on what’s next instead of everything I need to do.

  2. That’s it. Notion has everything I need to keep track of what’s going on.