My Morning

It's important, and being neglected.

I love my mornings. They are some of the only sacred moments I have throughout the day. I don’t like when they are interrupted, and I don’t like when I miss them.

That being said, I haven’t been utilizing them as well as I could have. I’m supposed to be doing things, and I have not. I’m supposed to be doing what I call ‘analog maintenance’. Exercising, getting ready, planning for the day, chores, praying/studying, writing, and side-job work.

Here’s what I’m not supposed to be doing: Browsing social media, watching YouTube videos, checking blogs, checking business stats, sitting on the couch, sleeping. All of this is stuff I have been doing lately.

It’s called analog morning, because of the lack of digital devices used. I don’t need my phone, and I don’t need my laptop until I start writing. That’s why it’s last on the list. All of my analog tasks should be completed before the ‘reward’ of accessing a digital device.

Even then still, I shouldn’t be doing those consumption oriented things unless there’s a specific time/place. But that’s for another time.

Anyways, I was thinking about documenting my mornings via video. It would be super boring and repetitive on purpose. It would be the same video every day, but a little different. It would be the process of me becoming the person I want to be in 5 years.

I need some accountability. And the pressure to upload daily would generate that accountability. I have a feeling if I did this for a long time people would catch on and follow it. They would be rooting for me, cheering for the person I was becoming and the routines I had set in place.

That’s the thought. I don’t know if it is a genius idea or a stupid idea, but it’s an idea.