It's not about what you feel like doing.

When there’s no vision, goal, or explicit path to follow, people succumb to doing whatever they feel like doing.

You don’t feel like exercising, you don’t feel like budgeting finances, you don’t feel like meditating/praying. You do it because if you don’t the future you will look the same as, if not worse than, you are right now.

It boils down to who you want to be in five years. Do you want to be the person who has it all figured out? Or do you want to be the person who is still scrambling to keep themselves together?

If you want to grow and change into someone who has more money, stature, respect and options, (fill in the blank), you need to do maintenance in your life as a minimum. Let alone forming new and more powerful habits.

If you don’t do maintenance, things that were once non-issues become issues. Suddenly you come down with some health problems, suddenly you get slammed by the IRS, suddenly you find yourself in relationships you shouldn’t be having or spending your time on things you shouldn’t be doing.

It seems sudden, but it’s really a slow and gradual decline that you allowed by not maintaining these areas of your life.

By maintaining these areas of your life, you’re future-proofing yourself against negative things that can impact your life. You’ll be more resilient, and in a better place to defend yourself.

Start taking small actions to reintroduce maintenance back into your life. Take a walk, start a small automatic savings fund, get rid of one bad friend and pick up a good friend. These actions performed often over time will give you an advantage towards becoming the person you always wanted to be.