Finish What You Start

Or don't start it at all.

I’m procrastinating by writing this. There’s an app that I need to finish. I’m close to being done, but I saved some of the more ‘annoying’ bits for the end. It’s safe to say I’m not the least bit motivated to actually finish.

But, I finish what I start. That’s a core principle that I stand by, and it’s something that has proved well for me.

By living in this way, it forces me to question the things that I commit to. Sometimes I let things slip through the cracks and I overbook myself, but the majority of the time I just say no.

For several years I was floundering, working on anything and everything. Now I have focus, now I have a path to success, and it’s up to me to protect that vision.

So, I should probably get back to finishing that app. Really hope I can get it done today so I can get 100% of my developer focus on the Closet Assistant.