Escaping Reality

The easiest way to change your environment.


It’s the greatest hack of all time. Not only are you filling yourself with positivity and knowledge, but you’re not filling yourself with entertainment and garbage.

The best books are condensed culminations of decades of work and research by a single person or group. You get to benefit from all of the hard work they did and learn without making the mistakes.

I’ll reiterate - It’s the greatest hack of all time.

Say you’re stuck, living at home with your parents, you can’t seem to catch a break. Every person in your life is a bad influence, and you don’t have much hope for the future.

You can directly audit what comes into your mind by submersing yourself in great books. Not only that, but you can learn the tools you need to be successful in life.

Auditing what goes into your brain is paramount to success, and books are the best way to do that without directly changing your physical environment. You can enter a whole new world of thought and learning without even leaving your home.

Physical books, audio books, kindle books, whatever. Consume the best of the best content, and your life will never be the same.

The same could be said about the Bible. It’s all time wisdom, power and salvation for those who study it often. It’s a single book that you could read forever and get something different from it every day.

So, when you feel like you’re not progressing and life isn’t exactly motivating you to be your best self, get into a great book and change your environment.