Current Priorities

Here's what needs to get done.

This will be a common thing. Me ironing out what I need to be working on. It’s my version of a mental todo list.

First and foremost is the trucking automation app I’m working on for a friend. I need to get this finished so that I can move on to automating my first product.

What needs to be finished? Well, just about all of it. But more specifically, the authentication, BOX integration, and mobile testing/fixing. It looks great on mobile, but some of the JS features I’m using don’t work too well yet.

So, first I’d like to fix the features and make sure they are all there.

Next, I need to add in the Firebase/authentication/database piece.

Then, I will write the serverless backend to transfer PDFs to BOX asynchronously.

So, that’s the priority. Making all of the features. Currently, the project is viewable here: if you’re interested in checking it out.

Right now I need to fix the ‘copy to clipboard’ functionality. I plan on using something like this. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to.

The other thing I need to fix is the image uploading function for the proof of delivery. Not exactly sure how I will fix it for mobile. It works really well on desktop (I’m actually really surprised).

Other than that, pretty much all of the functionality is there and working well. Just need to integrate it all with the database and backend!

I’ve actually learned a lot on this project, and I am rethinking how I want to approach my own product. There’s a few things that I have learned that will streamline the app.