Daily 💭

My Brand

Some ideas.

Every person has a personal brand. It’s how people perceive you, what they think of when they hear your name.


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This Is Just Training

Be prepared in season and out.

This is all just training - for what exactly? I’m not 100% sure all of the time. But training isn’t...

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Finish What You Start

Or don't start it at all.

I’m procrastinating by writing this. There’s an app that I need to finish. I’m close to being done, but I...

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Good With Money

My goal for 2018-19

Right now, if you were to look at my financial situation, you’d probable say I am ‘bad with money’.


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Delegating And Multitasking

Some things I struggle with.

If you want it done right, do it yourself.

That’s what I have lived by for the majority...

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A Waste Of Time

My perspective of time.

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone about sleep. They were under the impression that sleep was a waste of...

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Escaping Reality

The easiest way to change your environment.


It’s the greatest hack of all time. Not only are you filling yourself with positivity and knowledge, but you’re...

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My Workflow (August 2018)

My tech + productivity stack.

I don’t think I’ve ever written about this, and mostly because it doesn’t matter. But, nevertheless, someone might be...

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General Direction

Tending towards your goals.

The other day I was talking about maintenance and how it impacts your future self. I mentioned that you...

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What It Takes

Obsession, priorities, and action.

I’m in a crucial part of my life. I’ve planted seeds, and I’m learning how to cultivate. I’m transitioning from...

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It's not about what you feel like doing.

When there’s no vision, goal, or explicit path to follow, people succumb to doing whatever they feel like doing.


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Smaller Goals

The only way to build strong habits.

Last night I actually went to bed on time.

That’s a step forward, because lately I haven’t been getting enough...

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Planning vs. Reacting.

Consistency is something that I envy. My life seems so volatile from the inside. Every day seems different. Every night...

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Revisiting 1 Million Words

Or rather, 3k words/day.

This is still a goal of mine. To get to 1 Million words per year. It maps to my level...

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My Morning

It's important, and being neglected.

I love my mornings. They are some of the only sacred moments I have throughout the day. I don’t like...

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Current Priorities

Here's what needs to get done.

This will be a common thing. Me ironing out what I need to be working on. It’s my version of...

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The Journey

Where I'm headed and why.

It’s been a long journey up to this point. I’ve studied a lot, put in a ton of work, and...

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Why Daily?

Habits, production, and consistency.

There’s something about writing everyday that makes a huge impact on one’s life. There’s something about producing something everyday in...

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