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Importance Of Habits

You are a product of your habits.

Would I Ever Get A Tattoo?

Tattoos are something that I think about a lot. Not in a frivolous way, but in a way that says "what do I believe so much that I would write it on my body to remind myself every day?" kind-of way.


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How Do You Write A Web App?

One function at a time.

I’m undergoing a complete overhaul of how I work, and how I think about work.

It’s subtle, yet fundamental. I’ve never approached work in this way, but now it’s necessary.

What’s the change? Breaking work down into smaller parts, and working on those parts individually.

How I Used To...

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As You Learn


Document vs. Create is an argument that always eludes me. I feel like I need to create original content for an audience that doesn’t yet exist.

The opposite is so much more powerful. Building an audience around the things you are already doing.

I’m writing apps, I’m learning spiritual truths,...

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Doing Then Writing

Not Writing Then Doing

Is It Just Me?

I have often written pieces of content in the past that resemble this pattern:

  • I want to do this thing.
  • I will be the best at this thing.
  • Watch me do this thing.

  • I want to do this other thing.

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Providing Value

The only intention of this site.

I used to write daily on this website. That’s no longer the case. I want to continue having those discussions, but I want to have them on my Twitter and potentially on Blurt (still test-driving).

I want this blog to deliver exceptional value for indiehackers that are looking...

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How to do it the right way.

Content Is King

You’ve probably heard that before. If not, you haven’t been around internet marketers long enough.

I’m here to tell you (and remind myself) that a consistent and valuable content strategy is a major key to success online. It’s the only way to build an audience.


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Up And To The Right

Using Faith, Skills and Persistence to get what you need.

In the past 3 months, I’ve made $2000 from an app that took me 3 weeks to write and 1 month to test. Not only that, but I have amassed $1000/month in subscriptions (36 customers at ~$30/month). That’s income that...

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What It's Like to be an Indiehacker with $200k in Debt

When your app revenue goes to groceries instead of reinvesting.


Half of my current income goes towards paying the minimum payments on the debts that I owe. Just the debt, not other bills like rent or electricity.

That’s a mind-boggling statistic. It’s been my reality for 2 years now.

Every day I get at least 4 calls from...

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Time Management

And why I need to improve.

Time management is one of those things that you should have implemented a year ago to in order see the benefits today.

It’s something that incrementally improves your life over time. It isn’t always a noticeable shift in productivity levels or output.

So, as they say, the next best time...

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Adjusting The Goal

What my first guide is really all about.

More More More Content

You can never put out enough content. The right piece of content in the right context at the right time is a goldmine.

How is content king? It’s the thing that drives traffic, enforces your brand, and provides value. It can even be the thing...

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My First Guide

Something I needed to learn a long time ago.

I know The Indie Developer is supposed to be about niche product funnels. But that’s not the only thing it’s about. It’s also about becoming better at everything it takes to make niche product funnels.

The guides on this site will mostly consist of something I am researching or consistently...

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