At the beginning of 2018 I was broke.

$100k in student loans. A dead-end engineering job. A family to feed. I had my struggles, just like you.

I had been learning web development, SEO, digital marketing, product design and growth hacking for the last two years. I put in the work. About 20 hours a week… And I had nothing to show for it.

I tried E-commerce, an Agency, Services, just about everything. All of my ideas failed. I was at the end of my rope.

I learned all of this incredible knowledge but it wasn’t working for me. I was desperate to find something that worked. I needed more income, and I needed it fast.

That’s when I developed my first niche product The Closet Assistant. It started as a way to save my wife some time, and turned into the thing that got me out of the hole I dug for myself.

I stumbled into something that provides incredible value to people, makes other people’s lives better, and made me a decent income. It was almost an accident, but it wasn’t an accident. It was a culmination of everything I had learned up to this point.

Now, it’s my mission to teach others how to develop niche products for under-served communities online and make a living doing so. I built this blog to do just that.

If you want to know more about me (Jordan O’Connor) personally, read more here.